Industries Served

Versatile Solutions for a Diverse Workforce

Forward Freight’s diverse asset network, nationwide warehouse facilities, real-time tracking portal and constant communication model allows for proficient logistics management and shipment handling across multiple industries. Led by our team of experts, we ensure that every aspect of a time-sensitive operation is completed on time and on budget.

Industries Served Include:

Forward Freight can operate the freight and logistics details for retail companies.


Forward Freight provides storage and transportation solutions to some of the largest big box retailers in North America. With a leading, state-of-the-art service platform, we can intelligently customize the best service options for any retail client. Forward Freight has the personnel and assets to complete the task, whether regularly scheduled, year-round transportation is required or a more seasonal approach is necessary.

Forward Freight can help the food and beverage industry with freight and logistic needs.

Food & Beverage

The supply chain for food can change at a moment’s notice. Forward Freight makes the fluctuating demands of the food and beverage industry top priority and offers flexible solutions to serve our client’s unique challenges. Our extensive asset network can handle vented, dry, or refrigerated food products. We combine quality equipment and quality service to move your business forward.

Forward Freight can handle the logistics and freighting details of live entertainment events.

Live Entertainment

Forward Freight is the best choice for an all-in-one transportation and storage provider in the live event and entertainment industry. We delicately orchestrate the logistics of large-scale events including concerts, sporting events, and festivals and handle every detail with precision. Our service includes on-site storage or twelve trucks to move staging equipment and scaffolding efficiently and our national footprint of locations makes it possible to provide a manager on location to oversee the event process.

Forward Freight has a vast network of equipment to solve any logistic and freight needs.

Machinery & Equipment

Forward Freight’s asset and carrier network was founded on open deck solutions to handle the shipment flow of 1-800-PACK-RAT. Our response time is rapid allowing us to provide flatbed, step deck, and removable goose necks within 24 hours of requests to shorten timelines. We move 35,000 containers annually in this network and have excess capacity in both partial and full truck shipments.